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BOWADP HDC1 Manual Hard Drive Crusher


– Easy-to-use
„- Small footprint
„- No power supply needed
„- Destroys magnetic HD and SSD
„- Can be used with all storage devices

Shreddable Material:
Hard Disk
Solid State Drive

Security Level:
H-2, H-3, H-4

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Product Description

The HDC1 is the perfect solution to securely physically destroy all your magnetic and SSD Harddrives . Whenever a computer is replaced the Harddisc still carries viable confidential information that needs to be securely destroyed. The perfect and cost effective combination of the SDP01 Degausser, to securely destroy the electronic information through intense magnetic field, and the HDC1 to physically damage or destroy the support. With our HDC1 we offer you a portable low-cost solution to assure that all the harddrives are physically demaged before they leave your office.

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